Friday, December 14, 2018

Open Letter: Public Statement by Former Grace Baptist College Staff Member

The following is a public statement by Jacqueline Sorg, former Grace Baptist College staff member.

Public Statement:

To Whom It May Concern:

I worked on staff for Pastor Jon Jenkins for six years. (2006-2012)
In that time I witnessed several occasions of inappropriate behavior of the male pastoral staff towards the female members ranging from high school to adult.

I was a freshman in college (2005-2006) when the Beckner situation occurred.  I was made aware of the situation from Jenkins’ sister; who informed me that Beckner at the time was asked to leave quietly.

My second year as a staff member after graduating college the Vice President of the College’s son was caught viewing child pornography. Mind you he was a bus captain and was involved in children’s ministries. I was the Demerit Office Secretary at the time.  The family was kept on staff until Pastor Jenkins could figure out what to do with the family while the situation was kept quiet. Only staff of the college and the appropriate pastoral staff knew. The son was not allowed to attend classes and was asked to stay away from all church locations. Once Jenkins figured out what to do with the family they all got to leave quietly while saying their goodbyes to friends and family.  They all relocated to another ministry in Iowa and were all still placed on staff. No police were ever called or involved in the outcome of the young man.

My third year at the college we hired in a new Dean of Students.  His previous job was Youth Pastor from another local church in the area.  Everyone thought he was super friendly,  but he turned out to be a little too friendly. While working at the college he was caught numerous times in inappropriate situations with a secretary and even young college students after hours in his office.  The incidents were turned in several times, but were denied and swept under the rug.

That same year two college staff members had an affair that was covered up.  I was pulled in on this situation to help the wife get through the circumstances. Again I was told that I could not discuss this situation because they both were influential staff members; we could lose college students and church members if facts were made known. I have carried this secret for 10 years. At this time I would go counsel with Jenkins because I still had to work with the woman and man that were involved. I felt that someone needed to leave, but Jenkins explained that we needed to give the individuals grace. Now mind you this was pastoral staff member and a college secretary and dorm supervisor. They knew right from wrong.  In my last counseling session with Jenkins he opened up that the woman who was part of the affair gave her resignation but he wouldn’t take it and that the man would be on probation and not allowed to go and preach at events. I asked him why he would not take her resignation.  He then proceeded to open up about several other situations, such as a sexual encounter between a female staff member and a boy who was a minor. The Dean of students had sexual encounters with underaged girls. He was trying to show different circumstances where he has shown grace and still prays for them. None of these inappropriate illegal activities were ever reported.

When I heard this information I confronted Jenkins’ sister and mother wondering if this information was true.  They confirmed every story, but it was always the victim’s fault. They would say the girls dressed or acted in such a way to tempt a staff member. Or the boy knew what he was getting into.

There is so much that has been covered up and pushed under the rug to keep face.

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